Trial Area

15.000 m2 of forest area

Trial Area

The Indoor Trials area is an area with a level of difficulty and technique equivalent to that of the world's best competitions, for which reason it is a useful option for teams that compete federatively. Is only available for pilots with federal license and is exclusively for members.

The outdoor area, located in a space of 15,000 m2 of forest, hosted the Spanish Trial Championship in the past and offers a unique place for trial practice in the middle of nature.. It is reserved for members of the area, and in the near future two routes will be marked -designed by Albert Cabestany- and the areas from least to most difficult will be updated.

Do you want to practice your favorite sport in a unique environment?

Become a Trial member at the Circuit Parcmotor
Indoor Area Trial 15.000 m2
Outdoor Area Trial 312.040 m2

Faqs Circuit

What is the Trial Area used for?
It is mainly used for hosting official team and professional trial rider training sessions. Trials competitions are also held here.It is not open to fans. It is also used to host private testing events, advertising events and other business activities.
Who can use the Trial Area?
Participants in competitions. Professional pilots. Companies that hire the circuit for its exclusive use.
When can I use the Trial Area?
A day on which there is competition. Any day, by previously notifying those in charge of Circuit Parcmotor. When contracting the services of Circuit Parcmotor and renting the area for private use.
How do I use the Trial Area?
Circuit Parcmotor follows the rules explained in the regulations that you can find here. Everyone who uses the facilities whether for running or as amateurs, must follow these rules.
Can you come to train if you practice the Bike Trial?
Yes; the trial area and its surroundings, as well as the natural environment that embraces the Circuit Parcmotor and the services available to it, allows us to have the necessary elements to facilitate the arrival, start and enjoyment of an activity such as the Bike Trial.
What does the Trial Area include?
Insurance in case of accident(see coverages)
Partner care service
Discounts at the Meeting Point (bar)
Descomptes al Meeting Point (Bar)
Variety of areas (Sand, asphalt, indoor)
Trial Area Sticker for all subscribers
Discounts on sessions, sports internships, competitions on the circuit and a Master Class with Albert Cabestany..
What are the fees?
1-day practice: €25 launch offer 2018 (includes a discount of €50 and a free sandwich in the bar at the venue)
Annual Adult Admission: €159/year (Save €91 in 2018)
Family Pack: Register all of your family members for €79/year (Valid only for those who already have an annual subscription).