Cellnex & Parcmotor

Connected Circuit

Infraestructure i Circuit tecnology


CELLNEX TELECOM has equipped the circuit with broadband connectivity and has deployed a wireless network, with coverage throughout the site, which allows connectivity between vehicles. The track features high-definition (HQ) cameras for tracking vehicles on the track and units built into the vehicles themselves for the transmission of telemetry, video and voice data. The IoT (Internet of Things) network, based on Sigfox LPWA technology, is present in a circuit that has data management and analysis capabilities.

  • Broadband connectivity.
  • Wireless network with coverage throughout the site that allows the transmission of images and information along the circuit to the control center to be viewed and analyzed
  • High definition cameras for tracking vehicles on the track
  • Units integrated in vehicles for the transmission of telemetry, voice and video data
  • Internet of Things (IoT) network that allows you to know at all times the status of the track the environmental parameters
  • ‘Zero emissions’ communication nodes
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Do you need more information?

For more information contact our cellnex manager:
Pau López
Independent operator of Europe's wireless telecommunications infrastructure.

Efficiency Energy

All the infrastructures deployed by Cellnex Telecom at Circuit Parcmotor operate under the premise of efficient and environmentally responsible management, as they are self-sufficient through wind and / or solar energy.

This is an essential factor for the company itself and for the future of the intelligent and electric vehicle, as the deployment of these infrastructures throughout the territory will require energy to be able to transmit and get communications to any point. Equipment deployed on the roads must consume as little as possible, as a large part of these roads are not electrified.