Circuit Parcmotor Castellolí was chosen to present the new Actros

Circuit Parcmotor Castellolí was chosen to present the new Actros

  • Daimler AG- Mercedes presented the new Actros truck model and its innovations in Barcelona and Castellolí
  • Over 5,500 people attended the event, with approximately 10,000 overnight stays in hotels

Circuit Parcmotor Castellolí and Campus Motor Anoia were chosen as the settings to present the new Actros truck model and its innovations. From April over 5,500 people took part in the practice sessions to find out about the brand’s new truck technology from stakeholders in the sector, trying out the new technology used in Daimler AG-Mercedes trucks, and learned about a host of innovations, including the semi-autonomous driving and parking system.

Various types of target users took part in many different practice sessions to find out about all the innovations developed by Daimler AG-Mercedes-Benz Trucks with the new Actros truck. This truck comes equipped with state of the art technology, and its Active Drive Assist makes it the most autonomous truck on the market. The most important new development is the level 2 autonomous driving, which is now integrated with the ABA5 braking assistant, the improved PPC that achieves savings of up to 3% on motorways and 5% on conventional roads, plus Uptime that warns you of faults that can occur due to wear and tear. Also showcased was the new Multimedia Cockpit system which comes with similar screens to those used in Class E.

The Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Antonio García-Patiño said in an interview that “the new Actros has a 2-3 degree of automation and is capable of self-driving. We are the first manufacturer to market a truck with this degree of automation.”

The new Actros presented and tested at Circuit Parcmotor Castellolí is a new concept in vehicle design, which allows you to use all the available technology and connectivity in your real life. Mercedes-Benz had already presented a prototype of an autonomous truck (Future Truck 2025) and the new Actros is part of the self-driving project. However, García-Patiño pointed out that “the driver is still fully responsible for driving the vehicle, while this innovative system ensures a more comfortable and safer driving experience, for the benefit of everyone.

An international event

Over 5,500 people attending the presentations of the new Actros truck developed by Daimler AG-Mercedes-Benz Trucks enjoyed dynamic and static demonstrations in Circuit Parcmotor Castellolí, and were also able to test the vehicle on the open road to see how it performed under different driving modes.

Upon arrival, sales representatives took part in the sessions held at Campus Motor Anoia and attended the day’s first workshop. They also had lunch at the Campus before testing the new model on the circuit.

Circuit Parcmotor Castellolí passed its most ambitious challenge so far with flying colours

With this Daimler AG-Mercedes-Benz Trucks event carried out together with George P.Johnson GmbH, Circuit Parcmotor Castellolí has proven that it is ready to host international events thanks to first class facilities, its capable team and a global space totally adaptable to any type of event.  The event will increase awareness about Circuit Parcmotor Castellolí and its special facilities, and put Castellolí and the region of Anoia firmly on the map of the automobile industry, thereby generating wealth for and throughout the region.

“Now that we have hosted our most important event to date, the presentation organised by George P. Johnson GmbH and carried out by Daimler AG-Mercedes, we aim to show what else we are capable of, and this will be our motivation for the future,” said Ton Pons, director of Circuit Parcmotor Castellolí. 

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