Circuit and training center

Driving School.

FAST Parcmotor offers driving lessons on all types of vehicles (cars, motorbikes, 4×4, and lorries), fire training, and safety training. It also specializes in organizing events such as vehicle presentations and motorsport incentive events. It boasts a kilometer long track featuring different surfaces and watering over the whole course, a 7,000 m2 skid pan, a teaching building with classrooms and simulators, a sustainable fire training area and different training scenarios.

It also has its own float of cars and motorbikes and a highly experienced team of staff and teachers.

Why choose Us?

Fast PARCMOTOR Driving School

It is a Circuit and Training Center specialized in training and driving courses for all types of vehicles and levels, safety training, motoring events, vehicle and product presentations, engine incentives, etc.


CS1 COURSE Safe driving N1 (8H)

Driving course to improve the response and control of the vehicle to risk situations and how to analyze preventive driving.


MS1 COURSE Safe driving N1 (8H)

1. Course to learn to react to the most common risk situations, gain technique and control over the vehicle, and learn to drive safely.

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