• Box
  • Multipurpose shed / Store
  • Medical Clinic


Facility of 432 sqm with 144 sqm air-conditioned. It’s a multipurpose room in a privileged circuit location. In this space you can organize events, press conferences,  conferences or a pit box.

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Facility of 680 sqm distributed to offer the best service to the client: 500 sqm of open-plan space with a minimum height of 3.90 meters, 120 sqm of laundry area and 60 sqm of mechanic workshop and generator set.

Here you can enjoy parking services, mechanical workshop, storage of pieces of testing teams, conference room production and branding on the perimeter of the building.


Facility of 60 sqm destined to increase the security of the Circuit, the quality of the medical service and the conditions of the pilots in case of fall or contusions.

The construction of this space responds to the need to offer an excellent service in our facilities and to reiterate the commitment of the new management to make the Circuit a safer space for our customers.