The most modern paintball site in Catalonia with 5 amazing themed areas featuring battlefields, castles, stunning forests, huts, and jungles.

We organise paintball excursions near Barcelona for groups, companies, stag and hen parties, children’s parties and more… with top of the line paintball equipment and the highest safety standards. Why not try out our Karting too?


The best equipment:

  • State of the art Tippmann FT-12 paintball guns
  • Camouflage chest and back body armour
  • V-Force thermal anti-fog mask
  • Highest comfort and hygiene
  • Camouflage clothing
  • A different colour for each team
  • Pro II Star low-impact paintballs
  • Paintball gloves

Game zones:

  1. Military Base. Win the battle and defeat the enemy troops in amongst oil drums, fuel tanks, jeeps, and trenches.
  2. Valley Forest. Fight for survival in our 4,000 m2 forest located in a valley full of natural hiding places and cabins.
  3. The Fortress. Strom the fortress using all the cover available to advance into enemy territory.
  4. The Bunker. Massive area with endless camouflaged bunkers hidden in the wild.
  5. The Jungle. Fight your way through the thick forest with just your skills, abilities, and adaptability for protection.

Contact information

URL: http://www.kartingparcmotor.com/paintball-parcmotor-castelloli.php