The Cupra e-Racer chooses the Circuit Parcmotor

The Cupra e-Racer chooses the Circuit Parcmotor

The Cupra e-Racer put on trial his benefits in the Circuit Parcmotor with the pilot Jordi Gené. The numerous crooked and pronounced rises and drops of Circuit Parcmotor were the ideal stage because the new Cupra e-Racer followed with his development.

Parcmotor was the circuit chosen to analyse the dynamic behaviour of the electrical vehicle. The Cupra e-Racer works to turn into a competition car which will take part in the eTCR Championship in 2020.

Jaume Puig, Cupra Racing director, explained in statements to the portal ‘soymotor’ that they want “to show that the future of the competition will be electrical and that one TCR can be so much competitive that a TCR of petrol. We expect this test serve because other brands encourage and will see a new category of competition in 2020”.

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